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ROOF DRAINAGE & GUTTERS Drainage of water from the roof is extremely important in order to achieve complete weather-proofing of the building. A well designed water collection system, through set of Gutters and Drain Pipes at eave-end, not only protect property and building but also helps in water harvesting. Gutters made out of galvanized metal strips, are installed with a generous slope to avoid water accumulation. Available SKUs: 18" and 24"
RIDGES Usage of recommended accessories leads to enhanced life of Roofs and Walls. Poor and substandard quality of accessories may adversely affect the superior quality of cladding sheets leading to reduced life. Accessories and the cladding material should have similar life expectancies as that of the main structure and hence criteria for selecting the accessories such as Ridges, Gutters, Fasteners and Flashings must be based on the design life of the structure.